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How to Turn Cabinet in Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry armoire offers clean, comfortable to store all your jewelery instead. If you have limited space or do not want to spend money to buy a cabinet of independent jewelry, which can be costly, can create a personalized jewelry cabinet by converting an existing cabinet for all kinds of goodies. Clean the cabinet thoroughly, making sure to remove all dust and debris. Determine where it will be more convenient for you to place each type of items jewelry armoire.

Beautiful Jewelry Armoire

Beautiful Jewelry Armoire

Place a mirror on the inside of the closet door for easy viewing jewelry armoire, well-lit. Follow the instructions on the packaging instructions for attaching the mirror properly and uniformly. Place the stick-on hooks along both sides of the interior of the cabin near the top. If your cabinet is high enough, you may be able to place a second row of hooks 8-12 centimeters below the first set.

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These are for your necklaces and bracelets. Place a hook on each side of the rear wall of your closet and jewelry armoire. String or tape is cut so that several longer than the distance between the two hooks inches. Tie knots at each end of the tape or string to create loops that are placed over the hooks.

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