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Do It Yourselft Narrow Dresser

Narrow dresser – While you will need some experience with small hand tools, most projects require only an ounce of patience and personal creativity. Buy or build a narrow table with a plywood cover traditional and messages of 2 inches by 2 inches or spindle legs. Cut 1/4 inches notches within each of the table legs, 6 inches from the bottom, with a router. Slide a piece of transparent thermoplastic into the notches. Install a shelf of glasses below the surface of the table for their wine glasses.


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Cover the top of the narrow dresser in rows of nail glue. Press tin tiles 12 inches firmly on top of the table. Allow the glue to dry for an hour. Stain 1 inch wide by 1 inch thick piece of wood that is the same length as the table. Screw the back of the table with 2-inch screws and screw gun to serve as a decorative touch back.

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Use glue to adhere sea blue and green glass backsplash. Use nail glue instead of glue to stick the last in the back splash from the stone and marble require a stronger adhesive due to its weight. Place the old rolling contact to the ends of the dresser. Keeping them in place with wooden supports holding L or bolted on the narrow dresser top with 1-inch screws.

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